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Principal receiving the Ph. D. certificate in New Delhi

At Ideal English Senior Secondary School, we place teaching and learning at the heart of all that we do and our central purpose is to provide quality education to all children in our care. To this end we believe that imparting education should be through a genuine partnership between home and school.This institution is a microcosm of universal learning center which is meant for those young learners who are seeking perfection (in Arts, Culture, Science, IT and Literature) undergoing study courses in this idealized educational institution which is a product of new concept and trend in education. It endeavors to help each student to mold his or her personality amid an atmosphere of love, unity, moral values in this world of 21st century.The world is changing and we must grab the positive aspects of such changes.

We give emphasis to develop all the qualities and abilities which the students require for a successful and social adjustment. Education is in a way development of desirable habits, skills and attitudes which makes an individual a good citizen.Education, a life long process is an integral part of life. It cannot really speaking, bifurcated from the life itself. Human being in this world has to acquire and gain the universal knowledge and learning through the various stage of life.

Swami Vivekananda had said “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in human beings”.

Human being is made of the three constituents,- the body, mind and spirit. Education must develop all these three and prepare an individual with a broad spectrum of values, keeping in mind the need to enable the individual to live in a global Society. The desirable input in such an education are inter faith values, environmental values and socially desirable values like discipline, cleanliness, punctuality, courtesy and compassion.

The school was established with a vision and keen desire to serve the poor and back ward people to provide quality education with good moral discipline by transforming them into worthy citizen of the country, as true quality education is the only solution towards leading them out of darkness and poverty, thus our school motto goes, "Towards a better human being”.

Our school got affiliation to Central Board Secondary Education in the year 2008 with Affiliation No. 1230029. As we step into CBSE, we are so privilege, that we could see all the uniqueness of CBSE institutions which is not only learning the text, but it opens the mind for creative thinking, solving problems and making decision in life skills of the learner from the early stage and also guiding the administrator's and teacher's to mold the children's in a proper way, so with the yeoman's service rendered by the school with firm determination by facing many untold miseries and hardship it radiates the ray of hope in the minds of the people, from its initial stage till date and tremendously transformed the outlook and attitude of the people, for which it invariable become the cynosure and a center of learning.

Lastly, we do hope and pray that simple, religious,educated and cultured students will one day come out from our school to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ideal English Senior Secondary School
Charhajare, P.O.-Motbung
Manipur - 795107
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Phone No. 09862564683


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