Date / Month Days No.of Days Remark
19th– 20th April Fri - Sat 2 Good Friday / Easter holiday
22nd- 27th April Mon - Sat 1 1st Periodic Test
20th – 25th May Mon- Sat 2 2nd Periodic Test (Subject enrichment for VI - X)
24th – 29th June Mon - Sat Term – 1 Examination
1st July – 6th July Mon - Sat 6 Summer Vacation holidays
8th July Monday School re-opens after Summer break
5th – 10th August Mon - Sat 3rd Periodic Test/1st Periodic Test for Class - XI
12th – 14th Aug Mon - Wed 3 Inter House Literary meet / Patriot’s Day
15th August Thursday 1 Independence Day holiday
24th August Saturday 1 Krishna Janmashtmi holiday
5th September Thursday 1 Teachers’ Day
13th September Friday 1 Black Day holiday
16th – 21st Sept Mon - Sat 2nd Periodic Test for Class - XI
2nd October Wednesday 1 Gandhi Jayanti holiday
7th - 9th Oct Mon - Wed 3 DurgaPooja holidays
14th – 19th Oct Mon - Sat 4th Periodic Test/ Term – 1 Exam for Class - XI
28th Oct – 2nd Nov Mon - Sat 6 Annual School Sports Week
11th -16th November Mon- Sat 3rd Periodic Test for Class – XI (Subject Enrichment)
14th November Thursday Children’s Day
2nd – 7th Dec Mon - Sat Selection Test for Class – X and XII
13th- 20th December Fri - Wed Promotion Exam / 4th Periodic Test for Class - XI
28th December Saturday Result declaration
21st Dec to 4th Jan 2020 Mon-Sat 15 Winter Vacation holidays
6th January, 2020 Monday School re-opens for Class – X to XII
20th January, 2020 Monday School re-opens for Class – Nursery to X (New)

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