Notes to my readers: The story below is not the final publication, the contain may changed in the future.

The silence at the ultimate hour shivered my fingers, and took away my consciousness to hold a pen any longer. My heart is brimmed with the inexpressible sorrows and pain. Thousands of untold lays of life cannot be concealed further; the time has matured to rupture the heart ever to escape from the formless shadow to the reality. The unsung stories of each human being had made me immortal, tireless, sleepless, and senseless to bewilderedness. Deeper the night, the thought remain awake, the loneliness gathers all the sweet tears. The sad songs assemble and hang around me. I don’t like it to sing and make it to flow out from the heart, as none puts the ear on it. Nonetheless, this tragedy ‘The Words Not Spoken’ fails to repose on my heart...

The little Raj came with the big breath to the curtilage of the old Ram’s abode. To a corner, the poor widowed Ram’s mother was tilling the kitchen garden. Mother worriedly enquired why Raj was hurried in the day break. He impatiently interrogates where Ram was. He called his friend, there from Ram with the old bags holding a torn mat show up at the porch. As soon as, he rests the mat, Raj jumped upon mat and placed the different toys over. The eyes of Ram were glistened on seeing the play things, then he enquired, why were those toys displayed? Without a chance given to speak twice, Raj uttered that his father had come on holidays previous late night. He had brought the toys for the two little best friends in the world. The poor mother could notice the entire honesty and sincerity that takes among the two. Exchange of such love and sharing of such responsibilities between the two in their tender age frozen the mother and make her sob. Their astounding attitude compels her to rush towards and tightly embraced them. She cried “Never be apart from one another forever”. “We pray the same to the Almighty”, the voice from behind stunned her by the presence of Raj’s parents; she wiped the tears and welcome them, while they stood motionless. Raj mother solace her, and promised she will always stand still for Ram and Raj to be together forever. Their parents’ conversation makes these two little boys more biddable. Leaving the toys over there, they approach to their mothers, hold their hands and asserted they were brothers. They comment that, as their school teachers told the two were brothers. Their parents responded with accordance and wish them if they could be an army officers in their future. I think that anticipation would be too early for the little boys, but the same appears to model them serious on the ambitions. The stars on the heaven, oceans on the Earth and all on the Universe are source less for me to depict the comparison of these two little friends. They eat together, sleep together, and in every activity they were together. The most astonishing is that they play most of the time in Ram’s house but eat and sleep in Raj’s house. Though Ram was from humble family he is not shadowed with it and so the Raj. It is true to express that they have no difference for their parents and the abode they dwell, but to remain apart from one another for a minute is painful for them. After an hour of talk, their parents parted but these two little boys carried on their usual rhythm. Actually, Raj’s parents were employed and so the expense of Ram family comes under their income. The two really live in the composite culture. It seems no forces on Earth may separate them, as the bond of friendship was taunted by love and sacrifice.

The days went beautiful till they gain the age of nine. It was in their annual day, price distribution was held in school premises. The day was the happiest for many of the school students but it was a saddest hour for the little two grown boys. After a joyous resonance, the silence is followed by the appraisal address - “and the school toppers of the year are Ram and Raj...Ram Raj”. The announcement took a few minutes for Raj to stand up from his place. Everyone was touched with strain on his gloom posture; the two most affectionate jolly friends were not together that day and the one who was there prostrate the head in despair and dropped the shoulder in dejection. Raj instead approaching towards the stage he ran back to the house where Ram was lying on the bed with high fever. He held the feet and expressed in grief, without him he had no fortitude to stand up there, no felicity and no worth of receiving the honour of endeavours. All those charm and admire were meaningless without him. After all, he surrendered; he was nothing without him and lamented, why he had to suffer in such situation. The expression had trapped Ram’s mother with disappointment who was there. She comforts him not to upset and said his mama had went to call a doctor, no sooner she finished the statement, the doctor and Raj mother had arrived. The doctor examined Ram and assured that they need not to be worried and added he was getting fever due to extreme exhaustion, further said he would be all right very soon. He gave a prescription with a medicine for immediate relief. As soon as the doctor left, Ram holds the hands of Raj and complained, never to leave him alone when he grew weaker. The very words bitterest Raj mother, she reconcile that she was wrong to ask her son to attend school without seeking his acceptance. Ram answered to her, being a beautiful and brave mamma, it didn’t suit for her to melts like an ice. He just aspire Raj to be with him when he was alone ... Raj too regret for the same.

Very soon Ram recovered and again the two were on the same track of life. Life is really a mysterious; the journey takes us from the innocent to maturity and to the final destiny. All that kiddy games of death days seem to be old stories of life. Tomorrow seems to be guaranteed, yet it is a distant vision, I can’t prophesize what would be their future but they might attain notable figures as the two had extra ordinary spirit and enthusiasm over the matter of the inequalities. They hate the cultures of discrimination and demarcation of higher lower societies; it appears to them as stumble blocks of life. I wondered how those two children could felt that. Remarkably they possess an innate of social awareness in their young age.

The moment had knocked at the door for the parents to resolve about children’s career and future. The present academic atmosphere in a remote place was not much convincing to Raj’s parents of their secure future; relatively the years of service of Raj’s father was over and had to post at a distant place. It was hard to pave a way for their return. Raj parent requested several times to Ram’s mother to accompany together with them, but she refused as there is society and she didn’t like to have a mark on her sanctity. After all, the society had hardly begun to talk about the relations of the two families. Leaving all external affairs, Raj’s parent impulsively insisted her to send her son along with them but she refused. They tried to convince her that they had an equal responsibility to make the Raj future too and cannot leave him there in the dark world. Conversation lasted for more than three hours but could not arrive at the settlement. It was fortunate hours since the two were out for evening play. Finally, they had to expect the day of departure leaving undesired moments in the hand of almighty. The barrier of society and the sole sons of the parents drew the line of separation.

The matters were not exposed, but prior the day they broke their silence, parents relate all forthcoming, the children were frustrated with the outcomes. The two glance at one another and sob bitterly. The words: “No forces on Earth could separate them” now contradict the situation, there were no possibilities for the two to be together. It was right to mention that past and future don’t belong to us, only the present is ours. Even if they protest for the adversities everyone was helpless. The minutes don’t stand on their favour, so they had to expect for the unseen day. Perhaps, the dinner would be the last super and night to be spent was ending hours of togetherness.

Finally, the day had arrived; which might be the last day to wake up together from the bed. They were not out for the morning play, the silence had shower the pathetic moments. Their parents were already awakened but they were standing speechless at the corners of the room. The children were mum on noticing the happenings; their mothers could control the tears. Raj’s mother gives the morning hugs and kisses to the children; she took both of them to the bathroom and bathed them. Raj mother as drying their bodies with a cloth said that let God bless and bring them back together again. Both of them were adorn with new clothes. The two understand that they were going to be apart and had no word to exchange. Raj parents were ready for the journey; all the eyes were brimmed with tears in the last hour. By the time they marched for the airport. Ram and his mother came to drop them. When reaching the air port Raj parent hand over the keys of their house and big sum of money for the Ram’s education. This cannot be refused as this is the question of two best friend of the world and the future of the Ram. The plane had arrived and the hours of departure approached, then Raj’s parents fold hands and requested her to take care of Ram and bid an adieu. Raj with a heavy voice said to Ram they would meet again and back soon with his parents. Raj bid goodbye to Ram and walked upon the way that led to the plane. Ram with gloom vision eyed to Raj till he was lost in the crowd and his parent weaved the hand. The odyssey of life took them on the unexpected trajectory to part one another. The emptiness of their life had jerked the needs of friend and challenges of life. The pathetic departure of the two had left the questions to be answered in future. The streams then diverged to uncalculated ways to story of human life. The two friends had to miss one another badly and must face the forthcomings in the absence of one another. The day was passed with melancholic strain.

After that ugly day, the situation of two was really inexpressible; the nostalgic attitude yearns for one another. The parent could not look and bear the way their children lived. Raj had admitted to the new institution while Ram had to continue to the same institution. The time had eaten almost a month to normalise the routine. They had missed numbers of days unattended to the school, still they cried at each corner commemorating one another. If there was no word ‘forgetting’, it would be complicated for me to narrate the story of the two. The goddess ‘forgotten’ had now taken them to the beginning. The moments they had spent gradually became a thought, and events of joys became memories. The anguish on detachment then fade away this would realised us “Nothing is permanent; nothing is temporary”.

Decades later, they have successfully completed their post graduate with flying colours, what would touch us more is that the two knows they had a best friend once in their life. But due to gap of years and the newer responsibilities they had remember their childhood faces but they were not sure how were they at present. Space of around seventeen years is enough to forget someone who was our childhood pals. Since, their old memories can’t clean gone out from their minds they kept their own promises to meet one another but they put their goals at forefront. After a couple of years, Raj had cleared IPS examination, Ram failed on interview. Ram had actually cleared many a times state civil services examination but always thrown out in the last hour. The account was heavy corruption cultures of service sectors which barred Ram from getting a service. The multiple efforts gave him an immense failure that diverts his mind. At the time of taking more challenges and responsibilities he was severely shocked to comprehend that his father was killed during the fake encounter. The demarcation of inequalities, total eclipses of societies with corruption, helplessness of the down trodden lives along with his father incidents infuriated him. The combined emotional breakdown made him to take perilous steps which encourage him to take up arms. Being he was a qualified and brave person he was soon taken a charge of commanding officer in revolutionary. His taking up of that journey was not stopped by mother as the ache of parting her husband in the fake encounter was not still erased. The two had taken their training in the different field, Raj had taken a promise to serve the nation and the Ram had taken the promise to serve the poor and needy.

As the time perished, Ram began to live in disguise, shortly he had became a Robin Hood for the poor and helpless society. Holding the hungers of millions and beliefs of low lives he was tracing the culprit who snatches his father in a young age. Since, he came to know that his father was killed in a fake encounter he waited for an opportunity to teach a lesson to the culprits. His activities of robbing rich and corrupted officials and serving the poor made him a saviour of poor lives, but became a bull eye of the established authority. Ultimately, he gained a height to such level which enables to reform the society. The counts were not always resemble, though poor supports him many rich person hate him. There was always suspicious security, so to narrate his future the fate shall tell us.

In the adventure, Ram under the concealed name Ramu designed the final plan to rob the last huge black money. That money was such a huge sum it would suffice to render a service to millions of poor and needy lives. His good commitments for those needy lives add up a grade of criminality that had fetched him a most wanted call in the list of criminal. Unfortunately, proclamation of his name under the wanted list coincides with the killing of Raj father by the other group of revolutionary. Defamation of Ramu becomes a target of his childhood intimate comrade and Raj under disguise name Raju began the mission. Thus, without much survey, the two sets the final journey, one after killing Ramu would meet Ram, Ramu after robbing the black money would surrender. As accordance to the information Raju was on duty to guard one of the politicians, where Ramu already robbed and place the money in the wee hour. After careful instructions to his fellowmen he was out to the high way, but that might be his last deeds his way was almost surrounded by the Raju policemen. Ramu runs for life, Raju refocused the death of his father and shouted “Ramu... you cannot escape from the death of your life”. The voice stops him, if he was not hearing to his conscience he would escaped from the death. He felt that the voice was related with him. The moment he stopped, without giving a second sense Raju avengeful thought on his father expiry triggered his pistol, the bullet straight pumped the chest of Ramu, he whispered “Raj forgive me I couldn’t meet you in this generation” which was not audible, and succumbed immediately after. Raju kneel down looking upon the sky and cried Papa! After the minutes he commanded his fellowmen to pick up the death body and hand over to their family. Reaching his abode he made the things ready to leave the next day to meet his long missed friend.

He and with his subordinates along with his mother follow the old foot prints to meet his best friend and the family. After a journey of seven hours by plane and then by vehicles they reach the way of home. Numbers of mourners from the way of the village edge leading to home ward make Raj and his mother to rush towards. Ram mother lay unconscious taken care by villagers. Raj mother move towards and shake her to wake up her, in response to the situation someone had run to fetch the water, she sprinkle the water over her face but still Ram mother laid unconscious. Raj without much delay he moved near death body and took up the cloth, the man whom he killed the day before turns to be his best friend, he with grief took out his pistol surrendering it to his died friend hands claimed, “ kill me”! “Kill me”! “I said Kill me”! “Kill me”...! “ I am your perpetrator” “I am an evildoer”

Raghumani Thoudam
(Neorn Hristian)

As we are living in a competitive world, the heat of competition is felt more acutely. Most of the students dream engineers or doctor. The dreamt of civil Service has taken a back seat. The same happens to the parents. They don’t trust the ability and competence of their children. Sending their children to coaching centres has become an obsession with them. This has resulted in the rapid growth of Coaching Centres throughout the country. Coaching centres spend lakhs of Rupees on advertisements to procure more customers.

They offer different courses for different examinations. They guarantee sure success in the examinations. The fees are exorbitant. But, most of these so called 'coaching centres' are rather 'teaching shops'. There is to earn more money. They flourish on the mad obsession of students and their parents.

Actually, intensive and extensive studies are more important than going for coaching. Most of these coaching centres provide just 'spoon-feeding' but unfortunately, many exceptionally brilliant students fall the victim of this so called 'coaching centre' and get their initiative and originality spoiled.

In fact, coaching makes students dependent. Therefore, it is of only little use. Therefore, students should keep in mind that hard labour, self-studies and intensive & extensive studies lead to independent while coaching leads to dependent.

Satminthang Kipgen
Ideal English Senior Secondary School

Some say, "Success is LUCK," but 'LUCK' is the short form of the phrase "labour under correct knowledge". People take luck in the wrong sense. They think that success come without hard work. We must know that success comes after hard work with right aims and objectives. Hard work is the seed of success and some people get it very easily without working much; but let me tell you that they get it as there is less competition. Everything is a race over time and we should know how to utilize each and every second to change our life. We should know that when we are enjoying, there is someone who is working hard, and definitely he is going to edge us out. We may fail many times but we should not fail in trying. Otherwise, we will be regarded as cowards if we are unable to try. Therefore, we should leave behind the habit of fear to our failure. If we fail in performing something, we may think that we are losers but it is natural and also happens to everybody. Nobody is destined to succeed when they are born and we should take failure as stepping stone towards success and to move ahead. If we give up, we may not reach our goal. Instead of repenting on our misdeeds, rather we should make better use of them and find out how to reach our goal by trying again and again.

Let me share with you the life history of a man; hoping that we may change ourselves after witnessing this reality. "There was a man who failed in business at the age of 21; defeated in a legislative race at the age of 22, failed again in business at the age of 24; lost his sweetheart died when he was at the age of 26; had a nervous breakdown at the age of 27; lost a congressional race at the age of 34; lost a senatorial race at the age of 45; failed in an effort to become the vice-president at the age of 47; lost a senatorial race at the age of 49 but ultimately elected as the President of the United States of America at the age of 52". This man was none other than Mr. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. If he had given up out of despair, he would not have become the President of the U.S.A. So, let’s not give up but keep on trying.

Let me share a saying with you:-

"Most people give up just when they are about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown"
- H. Ross Perot.

We have a lot to learn from this saying; if we working for something great, we must keep working till we achieve it and we must not give up when we are about to achieve it. Once we start something with determination, courage and will power, then automatically success will be ours. The successful people succeed in spite of problems, not in the absence of them. But to those negative thinkers, it appears as though they are lucky. Whatever the mind of man conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. According to Mr. Abraham Lincoln, Nothing is impossible with human beings. Impossible is in the dictionaries of fools.So let's aim high and not lose our hopes, and give up at all so that success will be ours.

Mr.Henkholen Misao
Ideal English Senior Secondary School
Charhajare, Motbung
Sadar Hills, Manipur

Hey guys! Pick up your mobile, go mobile and go blah, blah, blah..... till the power of the Lithium battery inside its mantle drops or.... Till you drop. If you don't then you stand out of the crowd, you are left behind, you are not a force to reckon with. Haven't got one? Then you are not-entity, the world doesn’t belong to you, you are some kind of pre-historic creature of the Pre-Jurassic era.

Each one of us has our own world, some call it 'the perfect World' or 'Universe of Discourse' as is meant by the silicon people. The world of our own self is the protective cocoon inside which we exist. Only the magnitude or shall we say, attribute defers, from one person to another. The mobile phone, delicate piece of gadgetry has become the world for today’s generation or Gen X. Everyone knows the usefulness of mobile. In fact, it is so useful that words are inadequate to describe its usefulness. But when things get a bit far, there are instance where the most useful appliance become a menace. Go here; go there... there’s always someone clicking the buttons of a mobile phone. Turn around and you always see someone lost in the small screen of his mobile obvious of the ambiance. There are instance when your mobile-friendly friend treats you as if you are non extant for popping up from everybody's palms. The sumptuous treat on your table suddenly becomes insipid and tastes bland, for it has become a recipe of noisy and irritating tones. You really begin to wonder why they were coming there at all!. Nowadays people are going out for a morning walk to have chat on their mobile. People go for a picnic to scenic spot only to gibber on their mobile, not to enjoy the solace and beauty of the place. People watch a movie on the small screen, just to blabber on their mobiles. Go to a hospital or a clinic, you will see the discomforted looks on the patients' faces as their relatives or well wishers who have come to look after them, forget about their illnesses and go on talking on their mobiles. The youngsters are lost in a domain of fantasy. They make new friends especially of the opposite sex through text messaging without ever seeing faces, and virtually get so close that the proximity reaches a danger level followed by unwanted events when it comes to reality.

The mobile has become more of a curse than a boon. There were instances of serious accidents and head-on collisions of motorcars as the mobile totting drivers chattered all the ways towards the oncoming vehicle.

The entire pace with which technology is advancing, new mobiles with added features are coming up at such short notice that, the mobile handsets you buy today get obsolete the next week. So, tailoring ourselves with the newest handsets is becoming an effort in itself consuming lots of monetary resources and leaving behind knee-deep frustrations as the key result. Besides, as you keep on talking, money disappears into thin air, thereby making a hole in the pocket. Some people use up so much recharge cards that the discarded cards can make fencing around the houses.

The intensity of obsession with the mobile has grown upto such an extent that some have turned into mobile maniacs. They eat, drink and sleep mobile. Their world crumbles in the absence of these wonderful tiny handsets. Just as alcoholics and drug addicts suffer from mood swings in the absence of their stuff, the mobile maniac suffers from mood disorder in the absence of the funny stuff. Decency has long since gone for the people whom we consider most decent flaunt their expensive gizmos whenever the crowd gets larger. Most people use their mobile for show and it has become more of a menace than an efficacious gadget. In fact, the mobile mania has become a testament of the newest order.

R T Mang
Class – VI, Roll No. 11

Thus, role of a preceptor is to open the relevant structure of the child's mind so that the enormous mental energy is released and learning becomes permanent. To achieve this, the teacher will have to create the right kind of environment for the child to emulate. The following steps will help:-

a) Integrate Your Self: We all have disintegrated self. As a teacher all our self should merge with the self as a teacher. This is the highest level a teacher can reach. Once that happens, children find it easy to follow the teacher. Most of our ancient gurus were examples of pure self merging with self as a teacher.

b) Self High Standards: Never underestimate children. Set high standards for self and also for students. Higher standards challenge the mind to achieve better. Whenever you set out to does a task do it well. Any compromise with excellence will lower standards and adversely affected the mind of the children.

c) Personal Conduct: Poor standards of personal conduct by teachers and parents create aberration in the mind of the child who then floats around rudderless. Teacher must follow what they preach; else, the chaos created in the mind may open up wrong structures and lead to divisive personalities.

d) Environment: The school and society must join hands to promote a learning environment. At present, the lament IVAN ILLICH that "for most of us learning is curtailed by our obligation to attend the school" is quite a satisfying thought that we can put in our bit to develop the minds in our children.

e) Language and communication: Most of us do not realize that quality of the language we speak impacts on the mind of the children. Also, if you refine your language and communication, it helps to dissolve the ego which further leads to strengthening of the mind. Anyone with a bloated sense of ego can never be an effective teacher. He can never train a mind.

f) Be creative: Right from the moment you enter the class and till you leave, be different and unpredictable. Most of the teachers fail to excite the mind because they follow the beaten track. There is nothing original about them. As stated earlier, minds will open up (its structure) only when it is faced with something unstructured/ unpredictable. While teaching, it is often seen how a new technique or lesson or experiment excites the child. That is, when the mind is most active.

The challenge of learning has to be face by every child and it is the duty of every teacher to help the child in this vital enterprise. Challenge of learning, once the mind is prepared will include learning about one’s environment, thereafter the secrets of nature and finally about the self, the Summum-Bonum of all learning. The earlier the child learns to face this challenge, the better.

Teaching is meaningless if it does not cause learning and for learning to be effective. It should leave a new structure opened in the mind so that whenever required recall is possible. Learning is the biggest challenge for a child and for teacher engaged in the noble task of preparing the future mind of the nation. Causing to learn, is even a bigger challenge Swami Vivekananda has captured it best when he said that the, "Aim of education is to make what is internal, external".

Robert S R
Ideal English Senior Secondary School
Charhajare, Motbung
Sadar Hills, Manipur

Beyond the plains of Indo-Gangetic region, in the north-eastern India, firmly surrounded by nine hills and yet to become one of the wonders, stands the beautiful state of Manipur which Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister mentioned as Land of Jewels or Jewel of India. With fair complexion and cheerful faces, the state has produced many great personalities in the field of sports, politics, literature, art and culture etc. Inspite of all the natural beauties in this tiny state, the devastating effect of insurgency has various impacts on the lives of these innocent people. Living in this present type of society is becoming difficult and uncertain due to its advance effects.

The future of Manipur can be reflected from the present generation. First of all is the politics. The politicians, so called the backbones of the state have various aches, due to pessimistic mentality. Out of the less financial assistance give to the state by the centre, our politicians still have their own shares tucked inside their pockets. As a result, it affects the funds meant for the development of various bodies and institution in the state.

Another crucial factor is the relationship between the politician and the insurgents. Under such certain conditions, the demands of the insurgents are to be met with by politician if they have to survive in politics. Therefore, less development takes place and the wishes of the people remain unfulfilled. At present, there are no beggars in the state, yet there are many poor families who can’t afford even a day’s meal. Many areas in the state, in term of thousands, are yet to see a pinch of development. Due to these reasons, the people in the state are lacking in the spirit of national integrity. Further more frequent calling of bandhs, general strikes, hunger strikes and blockades compound the matter more. Not to forget kidnapping, killing of non-manipuris and extortions being the daily headlines of our newspaper.

However, there is still a hope to fulfil the dreams of the state to develop economically, socially and psychologically. Presently the education imparted to the building kind and the higher secondary levels is very impressive and expected to be the milestone for the future of the state. It is rightly said that students (young generations) are the mirrors that reflect the future of the state.

Again, if we look at the other fields like art and culture, the outstanding efforts of the artists in the state have made a place in the world today. In the field of games and sports too, our youngsters bring home victorious and fame worldwide. The present generation is accelerating the effort and we hope that the future does it better. Many awardees of Arjuna Awards are from thispart of the country and we hope for more numbers to join later.

To sum up, at the conclusion, I would like to emphasize that we have to persuade each other, leaving no individual, to make this state a prestigious one and stop whatever social evils going rampant. Now we hope of maximum support from each other as well as a high per capita income to be brought up with the help of the centre such as to extract and develop the energy in terms of mines, petroleum etc. For example, we can induct petroleum that Manipur will produce more crude oil than Assam.

Such dreams can be converted into reality if we can completely tackle and overcome both the insurgency and the corruption. I am sure, with full support of the present generation, the state will be glorious in the times to come.

Mrs. Mary Misao
Public Relation Officer
Ideal English Senior Secondary School
Charhajare, Motbung
Sadar Hills, Manipur

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